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Calm Tea
Calm Herbal Tea - beautifully relaxing
Calm tea for anxiety
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Calm Tea

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Have you ever had a crazy and stressful day? Have you ever felt wired but tired and you just can't calm down?  This is when you need to centre yourself with this soothing blend of MeVa Calm. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in. Sip on this calming herbal tea and allow it to take your mind elsewhere so those overwhelming feelings just float away.

MeVa Calm is blended with carefully selected herbs including Melissa which has been traditionally used as a tonic to calm nerves and support feelings of anxiety: Lavender to support your mind and body: Fennel that denotes longevity, courage and rejuvenation: Peppermint helping to reduce stress. This gives you that hug in a mug that makes you feel a million miles away from the stresses in life!  

Tasting notes

Soft notes of Lavender and Fennel: a touch of caramel from Chamomile and a warming sensation from the hint of peppermint are all rounded out with a grounding of Melissa & Tulsi. These herbs create a delicate and exquisite blend that is not overpowering while being balanced in flavour, leaving you feeling warm and relaxed.


Melissa* (Lemon Balm), Peppermint*, Fennel*, Lavender*, Chamomile* Tulsi*
*Organic Ingredients 

Please note: Tulsi and Fennel are not suitable in pregnancy

Brewing Suggestions

Place 1-2 heaped teaspoons (depending on taste)
per cup of MeVa Calm into an infuser or teapot.
Pour in near-boiling water and allow to steep for 5-6 minutes.
We truly hope you enjoy this calming blend.
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