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MeVa Mocha

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MeVa Mocha - with a coffee flavour and chocolate nipping at your tongue.

But it's not coffee!  

The rich roasted dandelion and chicory give that exciting espresso aroma. The cacao grounds out the flavours while burdock adds an ever so slight sweetness.

The combination of these herbs has been chosen, not only for their sensational taste but because they are simply good for you. Traditionally dandelion is renowned for its ability to help the liver detoxify which may lead to improved digestion and bowel function while chicory contains inulin a prebiotic fibre that supports the microbiome. Cacao nibs and burdock are high in antioxidants - so good for you. 

Tasting notes

This is a natural coffee flavoured blend, although it does not taste like tea.

The aromas are similar to coffee without caffeine or after-effects. The Finish is a coffee with a hint of chocolate warm alluring aroma.  While it's not exactly like coffee, this beautiful blend is the closest coffee flavoured tea you can find. 

Brewing Suggestions:

Add 1 teaspoon of MeVa Mocha to your cup

Pour over boiling water and allow to steep for 6 minutes.

Steeping the Mocha Blenda for a longer period will deepen the flavour.

Drink as a short or long black, add milk of choice or heat/froth milk to enjoy as a latte

We truly hope you enjoy this enriching, aromatic coffee replacement.

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