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From bright colours to fragrant flavours, MeVa Tea is perfect for morning, midday or night.

Enjoy Hot or cold. 


MeVa Brain - With Brain Boosting Herbs like Bacopa

MeVa Brain: Nature's super nutrient Herbal Tea filled with Brain Health Benefits from Bacopa, Gingko, Moringa and Rosemary. This is the ultimate way to get 'in the zone,' supporting your memory, focus, and cognitive processing speed. MeVa Brain Herbal Tea is your study buddy and supporting work mate, in a Tea! Your brain will love you for it.

Power Up your Brain here

Ever tried a herbal tea to help you sleep?

Sleeping Tips

MeVa Summer Dreams, MeVa Sleep and MeVa Calm have all been designed to support your sleeping habits. Enter the store to get yourself some today.

Click here to read about our latest tips for a good nights sleep.

Get your hands on Our Sleep Teas here


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Oct 8, 2021

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